Malicious Commenter Calls Heechul ‘Money Seeking’ Trying To Guilt Trip Him To Withdraw His Lawsuit Against Her

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One malicious commenter had the most absurd comment to throw at Heechul and it’s baffling to say the least.

Previously, Heechul announced his plans to sue malicious commenters till the end, he said he will never withdraw a lawsuit or go lenient on the people who caused him so much damage with their terrible malicious comments. Heechul also said that he’s not interested in money and will give anything that comes out of it to his lawyers who are helping him with the case.

On a recent instagram post of Heechul, one netizen comment has gained so much attention for being absurd; the malicious commenter tries to guilt trip Heechul to withdraw his lawsuit against her. She portrays herself as the victim and calls him ‘money-seeking’ for doing this to her.

Here is the full comment translated:

“Please forgive me if you see this comment 🙁 I really did it by accident and I can’t pay that large sum of money.

You’re living well-off so are you really going to do this? Suing weak ordinary people? When you’re a celebrity? You’re not the Super Junior I know.

I can’t believe someone who is money-seeking is a member of Super Junior. If you continue with your legal action and don’t withdraw it you’ll see me die. You can’t live like this when you’re a celebrity! How can you do this to your fans? My parents don’t have money and only have debt.

“Also, I am barely making a living myself, and I haven’t found a job yet. But you do this all of a sudden. Please think of my family situation and withdraw the legal complaint. I clearly told you. If you don’t say anything after seeing this comment, you’re killing one person.

Change your wrong decision right away!”

Fans shook their head in disbelief when reading the comment, she’s clearly in the wrong but is trying to guilt trip Heechul to withdraw his complaint against her and she sound bossy.

What do you think of this?

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