Super Junior Heechul is coming for the haters and malicious commenters!

On July 22, Heechul posted to his instagram a photo of what appears to be an official criminal complaint submitted against netizens who continue to defame him and post malicious comments.

Heechul captioned his post strongly promising he will not show leniency and will pursue the malicious commenters, he said,

“I will show no leniency.

Even if there is a settlement, I will be giving everything to my lawyer.

Thank you to the lawyers at Jung Sol and the detectives at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. I won’t stop here and will continue to catch the malicious commenters.

Also, to my fans who helped me by fighting with the horrible malicious commenters collecting information, the fans who give me strength. It must’ve been harder on you than anyone… I am so grateful.”

He closed his statement promising fans to be a ‘universe star Kim Heechul who doesn’t cause trouble.’

Heechul had previously stated through a twitch broadcast that he’s planning on taking strict legal action against the malicious commenters vowing he wasn’t going to be lenient.

What are your thoughts on his decision?


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