“Backstreet Rookie” Ratings Soar To A New All-Time High With Its 8th Episode, Fans Rejoice


“Backstreet Rookie” has achieved its best ratings to date with its most recent episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, July 11 episodes of “Backstreet Rookie” scored the series best numbers thus far, the 8th episode rated an average of 5.5% and 8.7% nationwide for its two parts, making this episode the highest average rating for the series thus far.

8.7% is “Backstreet Rookie” best rating number thus far beating the second half of its 4th episode which previously rated 8.3%.

“Backstreet Rookie” is enjoying great popularity overseas as well. Fans are happy to see the drama doing so well in the ratings since many of them think the ratings should have been higher.

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Fans are on the look out to how next week’s episodes ratings will turn out and whether the drama will continue to maintain those ratings or increase it.

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Have you been keeping up with “Backstreet Rookie”? what are your thoughts on it so far?


  1. I am Soo happy for drama and especially for wookie….we the international fans will keep on supporting u throughout our life time….much love from me♥️.
    Last not the least, great drama always wins at the end. Till than keep hope wookie fans


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