Guess who has been cast as the CF model for the famous Chinese beverage brand Nongfu Springs? The one and only, Gdragon!

The popular idol had reportedly shot the CF for the brand in secret somewhere in Korea. This is such a notable feat since Korean entertainment (hallyu) and celebrities have been banned in China for some time now, they’re not allowed to appear in their media easily.

The beverage brand has posted photos of Gdragon’s promo all over their social media accounts (notably Weibo), the brand previously teased this on April 13.

This was followed by more happy news; insiders are stating that inquiries from Chinese companies regarding casting Korean models and celebrities have noticeably increased which indicates that the ban on Korean entertainment is slowly being lifted in China.

Gdragon could well be the start of this, other Korean celebrities could follow suit after him. As expected from the king of Kpop.

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Check out the CF posts below:

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