Park Seo Joon On How “Itaewon Class” Changed Him And Why It Became A Turning Point In His Acting Career


Park Seo Joon recently posed for a pictorial for Esquire Korea magazine and also participated in an interview. He talked about his hit JTBC drama and how it changed him.

Park Seo Joon’s character in “Itaewon Class” has become iconic with a very distinct hairstyle and views; many have already been inspired by the character’s moral compass and determination.

Park Seo Joon was also one of the people who were affected by the drama, he says it inspired him and revealed why he had decided to take on the role,

“I wanted to take on a different kind of genre, and even though it had many elements of multiple genres, I thought about how Park Sae Roy’s growth was the most important element.

I also found myself thinking about the social impact Park Sae Roy’s words would have on society.”

He also says that the character forced him to think deeply about societal issues and to reflect on his acting career. He says he wasn’t that interested in societal issues but Park Sae Roy was different, during the filming for his drama, Park Seo Joon found himself thinking about it more and it helped evolve and grow.

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Park Seo Joon also revealed that “Itaewon Class” had become an important turning point in his career. He says it “led him back towards his starting point and became an opportunity to look back on his somewhat brief acting career.”

Have you seen “Itaewon Class” class?  What did you think of it?

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My Personal Thoughts

Park Sae Roy is very lovable, his distinct hairstyle and easy to quote this makes his character very distinguishable and remarkable. I am not gonna lie, I feel that Park Seo Joon helped bring the character to life; this type of character could’ve easily become just another ‘good guy’ character.

“Itaewon Class” was fine to me and I loved how it addressed societal issues but overall, I’d describe my viewing experience as disappointing. The first half was remarkable and did most of impressive things but it went downhill during the second half becoming just another chaebol meanie fighting the underdog.  

I would’ve loved to have considered “Itaewon Class” to be one of my fav kdramas of 2020. Overall, I wish to see Park Seo Joon do something different next time, a psychopath role would be nice; I want to see him play the bad guy who is legitimately awful. An OCN drama would be nice.


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