BTS V Spotted Posing With Park Seo Joon After “Itaewon Class” Cast And Staff Wraps Up Filming

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We finally have a photo of BTS V visiting the set of JTBC’s “Itaewon Class.”

Last week, it was reported that BTS V visited Park Seo Joon on the set of his drama to show support. He had previously participated in an OST for his drama, which achieved massive success in South Korea and overseas as well. He took part in producing and composing the song.

Fans couldn’t stop gushing about their sweet friendship and their support of each other’s projects.

It seems that BTS V’s visit to Park Seo Joon was towards the wrap up of “Itaewon Class” filming. A staff member uploaded a group photo featuring the cast and crew of “Itaewon Class,” V was spotted in the front row along with Park Seo Joon.

BTS V has wrapped up promotions along with the rest of his group for their latest release earlier this week; it looks like he found time to visit just before the drama wrapped up. “Itaewon Class” aired its last episode on March 21.

The staff member has since deleted the post, but here is the photo he shared:

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