Why Park Seo Joon Dramas Always End Up Being So Successful- His Secret To Success

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Park Seo Joon is considered one of the most successful currently-promoting South Korean actors; he rose to fame with his second leading role in the hit psychological drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” and followed that with a string of successful projects that helped establish his name as an actor in the industry.

After successfully wrapping up what’s now considered the second highest rated JTBC drama of all time, Park Seo Joon proves over and over again that he’s a master at choosing successful projects, but what is his secret? And how did he manage to choose the right projects almost always?

Today, I wanted to discuss Park Seo Joon’s career and how he managed to always snatch successful projects.

If we want to discuss the last Park Seo Joon lackluster drama (in terms of ratings) we’d have to go back to 2016 with his role in the historical drama “Hwarang,” the drama started off well before falling from people’s radars and achieving lackluster ratings. However, every subsequent project following “Hwarang” was a massive success. every. single. one. of. them.

Being a great actor isn’t the only thing that’ll get you the recognition you deserve these days, besides talent and good looks you must stumble upon the right script, the right cast and the production team to end up becoming a hit, this is apparent in Park Seo Joon’s case.

In my opinion, the reason behind Park Seo Joon’s massive success is his great choice in projects. Park Seo Joon chooses to rely on scripts that tackles social issues and have deeper meaning that what meets the eyes, rather than settling for extremely stereotypical characters or relying on his handsome face, he tries different things and it often works.

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In “Fight for My Way” Park Seo Joon plays a dumb character, if you pay close attention to Kdrama scripts, that’s almost unheard of for a leading male character. Not only that, but Park Seo Joon’s character is also poor and grasping for solutions to stay afloat.

“Fight for My Way” focused on portraying young people struggles in Korea and how often people from less privileged backgrounds end up in difficult situations, it also focuses on friendships between the leads, another great topic. Besides being a rom-com, it’s about life lessons and growth. The success of “Fight for My Way” showed just how great of an actor Park Seo Joon was and how smart he was about his projects choices.

He followed that with another hit drama called “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” which sounds pretty cliché on the exterior but tells a heartbreaking story connecting the two leads’ tragic past beautifully. While it does include clichés, it’s wrapped with lovable characters you can’t help but cheer for.

Despite being another rom-com, Park Seo Joon received praise for his acting skills, if you’ve watched the drama then you can probably remember a couple of scenes in which he does amazingly well.

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He followed that with what could be described as his best performing project to date, “Itaewon Class.” Besides being praised for his commitment to the role, the script and other characters made the drama one of the most memorable ones in recent years. It’s about hope and achieving ones dreams despite all the odds against it.

Park Seo Joon plays very memorable characters and you can obviously tell he’s giving it his all and not slacking while performing. Not only that, but he’s one of the few Korean actors who consistently have well-performing projects, while other actors stumble from one successful project to a less-successful one, Park Seo Joon has managed to always get the right amount of attention to his projects.

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What also helps Park Seo Joon is his ability to form great chemistry with his co-stars, from Hwang Jung Eum, To Kim Ji Won and Park Min Young, its uncommon for one actor to share great chemistry with almost all of his co-stars.

So this is it, these are what I believe to be the secret behind Park Seo Joon’s massive success.

What do you guys think of this? is there something you’d like to add?

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  1. Park Seo Joon is awesome,. He displays such a wide range of emotions that he is one actor that can play any role. He is so believable he justs pulls you into the story.

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