Former Big Hit Label-Mate Chan of 8Eight spoke about BTS at a recent broadcast and had the nicest things to say about them.

He used to be a part of Big Hit, he debuted as part of the vocal trio 8Eight in 2007, the group had recently released their first single in six years together.

Chan appeared on April 15 episode of “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” one listener sent in a question about BTS, Chan revealed that he’s not personally close with the members but he thinks as artists that they’re very cool.

He also revealed new information about how BTS members were as trainees, he says,

“In order to gain experience, at the time, BTS members took part as dancers in an 8Eight concert before their debut.”

He also said that they worked extremely hard and would be practicing singing in the basement practice rooms,

“Back then, if I went down there, Jimin would ask ‘how do you do a falsetto?’ and V would ask ‘how do you do a high note?’

I told them as much as I could, and I am proud because they’re cool and doing great now.”

Fans are happy to learn about how hard BTS have always worked on improving themselves despite the difficult circumstances behind their label.

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We’re glad they’ve found success and are inspiring so many young artists!


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