BTS Becomes The First EVER Korean Act To Sell Over 20 Million Albums On Gaon Charts

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BTS has set a new record, a very remarkable record!

On April 9, Gaon Chart March 2020 album chart rankings were released. It was revealed that BTS have sold a total of 20,329,305 copies of their 14 albums, including their releases from their 2013 debut album “2 Cool 4 Skool” to their February 2020 album “Map of the Soul: 7.”

Seven of their albums scored million-certification from Gaon Chart:

“WINGS” with 1.13 million copies sold, “You Never Walk Alone” with 1.02 million, “Love Yourself: Her” with 2.22 million, “Love Yourself: Tear” with 2.21 million, “Love Yourself: Answer” with 2.59 million, “Map of the Soul: Persona” with 3.77 million, and most recently “Map of the Soul: 7” with 4.17 million copies sold.

This comes less than two years later since Gaon made the announcement that BTS had surpassed the 10 million sales in albums, the group hit that milestone in November 2018 and it took them only a year and three months to sell 10 million more.

Big Hit Entertainment also confirmed it to news outlets announcing that BTS has become the first Korean pop music artist in history to achieve this and the artist with the highest album sales.

Congratulations to BTS!

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