How BTS V Kind Action Towards A Reporter Prevented An Unforeseen Injury

BTS V to the rescue, again!

BTS V is known for being attentive and aware of his surroundings when bombarded with cameras everywhere, this includes the airport, a place where reporters and fans wait for BTS to snap photos of them as they leave or arrive at South Korea.

BTS V previously made headlines for helping out a fallen woman at the airport, and it was one of many other similar incidents. He recently made headlines again for the same reason.

On February 20, BTS departed from Incheon International Airport in Seoul to New York City, they were greeted by dozens of reporters who were there to take their photos, and it was jammed.

Due to the overcrowding situation, one reporter wasn’t paying attention to where he was going as he was filming the boys, luckily for him, BTS V saw that he was heading towards a metal pole and steered him around it. He prevented what could’ve caused an injury to the reporter.

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Fans can’t stop praising BTS V for being so kind and so attentive preventing another injury from happening at the airport. Check out the viral clip below:

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