BTS V Kind Actions Towards A Woman And A Child At The Airport Gains Attention

BTS V is one amazing man!

Late night on October 9 (KST), BTS appeared at Incheon International Airport to depart for their 13-hour long flight from Seoul to Riyadh where they will be performing their first ever concert in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia at King Fahd International Stadium on October 11.

BTS were greeted by reporters and fans who waited at the airport to catch a glimpse of the idols. The security was pretty tight but it didn’t mean that there was no hindrance.

While BTS made their way through the airport among the crowd of fans and reporters, a woman was caught up in the middle of it and fell to the ground. BTS V stopped to make sure that she was alright; he allowed her time to get back up.

He even reached out of his hands to see if she needed help, she was helped out by the security and staff surrounding the members.

But that wasn’t his only kind action that BTS V made headlines for today. He also helped out a small girl in the crowd. He noticed her among the large crowd and seems to have feared for her safety, he stopped in his tracks and stayed by her side until she was taken by her mother.

You can check out the video below, what do you think of his kind actions?

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