ARMY Crash Tiktok After Massive Volumes Of Fans Attempt To Login To Hear A Snippet Of BTS New Title Song

A lot of fans had trouble accessing Tiktok shortly after it released a snippet of BTS upcoming title song “ON.”

As previously revealed, Tiktok announced they would be the first to share a snippet of BTS upcoming title track. When the time came many fans attempted to login to the app and listen, and that high volume of fans caused the app to crash.

Fans were getting messages that they couldn’t get access and were getting error messages; the app couldn’t cope with the large number of fans who accessed the app all at once to hear BTS new title track.

Tiktok had also started a challenge with the help of BTS and encouraged the fandom to join in on the challenge; many have already recorded themselves dancing to the title song without having an idea of how the choreography would actually turn out.

The hashtag #ONchallenge has surpassed the 6 million hits on Tiktok so fast already and the number is rapidly rising.

Check out the snippet here.

What do you think of the title track so far?

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