TWICE Stylist Under Fire For Dressing Momo Inappropriately And Poorly In 0°C Weather At The Seoul Music Awards

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TWICE Stylist is being criticized by ONCE for not dressing Momo appropriately for the Seoul Music Awards.

TWICE were among the attendees for the 2020 Seoul Music Awards, the girls looked stunning in their outfits as they greeted fans and reporters at the red carpet. However, fans had noticed how uncomfortable and cold Momo felt during the red carpet event.

Momo’s outfit resembled a lingerie slip and was not fit to handle the 0°C (32°F) weather outside. During the red carpet, fans even noticed that Momo was shivering in cold; Jihyo went and hugged her around her waist.

At one moment as Momo and the rest of the group exited the red carpet stage you could notice Momo shielding herself as the wind blew at her.

While Momo was as professional as she could be considering the circumstances, fans didn’t like how the stylist dressed her and heavily criticizing the group’s outfit choice.

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What do you Momo’s outfit?

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  1. Stylist do not dress their clients for events with the weather as a consideration. They are supposed to look good for the platoon of cameras that are sure to be there. Never seen a person walk the Red Carpet dressed like an Eskimo. If you drive around downtown during winter in most major cities (where the clubs are), you’d see many women dressed in low cut (or bare shouldered) mini skirts and heels even though weather can be near freezing.

    1. Well that’s just plain stupid. There’s plenty of shopisticated modest choice of fashion out there that could FIT for the cold weather while being so good for camera. Dressing the artist with the fashion that fit for summer in a cold weather is IDIOTIC.

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