TWICE Momo Writes Long Apology Regarding Her Dating News With Super Junior Heechul, It’ll Make You Cry

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TWICE Momo has surprised fans with an apology letter on January 6.

A couple of days earlier, it was confirmed that TWICE Momo and Super Junior Heechul had started recently dating; their agencies confirmed they have been meeting each other with good feelings.

Following the dating news, Super Junior Heechul apologized to fans through his YouTube channel community tab and announced his temporary hiatus from the channel.

On January 6, TWICE Momo surprised ONCE with a lengthy apology letter regarding her dating news, she explained that ONCE hold a huge place in her heart, its making ONCE even more emotional about the whole situation.

In her letter, TWICE Momo says,

“As soon as 2020 started, ONCE were caught by a surprise so I am sincerely sorry… Actually, I worried a lot if I should write this letter whether this would hurt ONCE more or whether staying quiet is better for ONCE…”

In her letter she explains that she grew up loving to sing and dance and naturally met her new family TWICE through this and then ONCE, she says conversing with ONCE is part of her happiness, she says she always wanted to stay close to ONCE and talked about how much she appreciates her fans.

She closed her letter with,

“I hope that for ONCE, there will be more happiness than hardships! I want to give more happy memories to ONCE in the future… I am always sorry and sincerely thankful! I am not good at expressing myself with words, but thank you for reading this long letter till the end.”

You can read the full translated letter by fans below:

The fandom expressed their love for Momo and talked about how she shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for dating and having a boyfriend, the fandom talked about always being there for Momo and how they will always continue to support her.

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After the letter made its way to fans, many began trending #WeLoveYouMomo on twitter to express their love for Momo, read some of their response to her letter below:

Do you think her apology was necessary?

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    1. please dont ever call urself a fan of Super Junior and Twice, we all know nothing abiut their relationship just support and dont leave malicious comments… disgrace

    2. idk why u gotta hate. i find it funny to see people like u upset or mad at an idol who is in a relationship, and you call yourself a fan? yeah no i dont think so.

      1. The amount of respect I have for this comment is unbelievable. Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I’m also an army so I purple you

  1. I dont get why peopke cant just support Momo and Heechul, if u truly love a group or a member u must support them no matter what. It’s their life not urs just because ur a fan does not mean u have the right to leave bad comments about their relationship, its so stupid ur word is hurting both of them. JUST SUPPORT

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