Following News Of Performing At Coachella, Is BIGBANG Renewing Their Contracts With YG Entertainment?

There is growing interest in whether BIGBANG members will renew their contracts with YG Entertainment following the news of the group’s upcoming performance at the famous festival Coachella.

The news was revealed on January 2nd (local time), fans were over the moon after finding out that BIGBANG is set to become the first EVER boy group to perform at one of the biggest American music festivals and naturally people had growing interest in whether BIGBANG members had decided to remain with the agency or not following such happy news.

It will mark BIGBANG return as four members following their military discharge.

We aren’t exactly sure when, but according to various news outlets, BIGBANG exclusive contracts are set to expire soon, there were discussions in December of 2019, music experts talked about how Gdragon and Taeyang would likely lose the rights to use their names if they had decided not to renew with YG Entertainment.

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On January 3, reports emerged that the four members were positively considering renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment. When news outlets reached out for a comment, YG Entertainment was very careful when stating,

“It’s difficult to confirm the details now.”

Regardless, fans are super excited about BIGBANG’s upcoming performance. BIGBANG will take the stage on April 12 and 19.

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Do you think they will renew their contracts with YG?

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