BTS Jimin Superfan Issues A ‘Marriage Certificate’ To Jimin Cardboard Cutout, Gets Married To It In Las Vegas


BTS Jimin Superfan Oli London has taken his love for Jimin to a whole new level!

ARMY were shocked after seeing American TV channel Daily Mail TV new video about Oli London, the video shows him getting married to a cardboard cutout of Park Jimin in Las Vegas, it was coupled with the strangest wedding ceremony.

The 29-year-old British fan has even brought along an ‘official’ marriage certificate to prove that he did indeed get married a cardboard cutout of Park Jimin, he says that he and his ‘Jimin’ are happily married. In a statement to the Daily Mail, he said,

“It was such an emotional ceremony. I felt very emotional. Jimin is my idol. I’ve spent a lot of money on surgery to look like him, and now I’ve actually married him.”

He also announced the news to his YouTube Channel in a video with the cardboard cutout itself, he showed off the marriage certificate. Oli London has spent over $150,000 to look like Jimin and also recently made an appearance on the Dr. Phil show.

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ARMY aren’t really happy after seeing this, many called him out on twitter and other social media accounts, he responded with this tweet,

What do you think of his behavior?

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