SM Hit Producer Paul Thompson has some pretty harsh words to say to Kpop companies!

Recently, one instagram story from Paul Thompson has been gaining buzz. He publicly called out Kpop entertainment companies for their lack of creativity and originality, he says that every song and concept is the same, he also topped it off with asking companies to stop being lazy and that no kpop group will be like EXO.

Read his statement:

“KPop Is So Boring These Days…

Every Song Sounds The Same. Every Concept Has Been Done. Every New Group Is Just A Repackage Of A Legacy Group That Did It Better.

Half The Agencies In Korea Ask Me To Make Their Groups Sound Like EXO.

How About You New Agencies Stop Being Lazy & Unoriginal — EXO Is EXO. Your Group Will Not Be Them. Be Creative KPop!


While some Kpop fans voiced their criticism, others praise him and agree with him.

What do you think of his statement? Do you agree or disagree with it?

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My Personal Thoughts

As blunt as it may sound, he does make sense. This year has been very difficult for Kpop groups in South Korea. If you haven’t noticed, kpop songs have failed to chart well and instead we have indie artists and ballad singers doing extremely well. And honestly, in comparison, indie artists or ballad singers songs actually sound amazing and they deserve to be at top.

I am not going to deny that there is a lack of originality or creativity these days in Kpop, but that’s also on a surface level. If you dig deeper, you’ll see some worthy Kpop groups that are trying to be different. It seems that he takes pride in EXO, but I’d like to also point out that there many other equally successful Kpop acts around their level as well.

If he says Kpop agencies approached him to help with their groups do something similar to EXO, then I really can’t say that’s he’s lying or refute his statement.

He could’ve phrased all of this better because there are many sensitive Kpop fans who’ll think this is about their group, but he does have some good points here and there.

EXO is EXO and you won’t be able to copy their success recipe with a similar sound, it was appropriate for its time, but now, the market is different. If EXO tries to copy their own sound now, they won’t do as well, music is always changing and you must evolve with.

Its just an interesting statement by an SM producer that I wanted to share with you. Do you agree with him?