After last night cryptic post, Ku Hye Sun’s legal representative Jung Kyung Suk from the law firm LIWU Law Group has finally issued an official response to explain her cryptic post.

On September 2, her legal representative told Sports DongA that she will suspend her activities as an entertainer following the release of her essay collection “I Am Your Pet.”

When the legal representative was asked about her future plans, he simply stated that she’s preparing to go back to college.

The previous day, Ku Hye Sun posted a cryptic message alluding to her retirement from the entertainment industry, her post reads like a goodbye letter.

It has been a difficult two weeks for Ku Hye Sun; she recently revealed to the world that her husband wants a divorce from her because he had a change of heart. After many back and forth between her, Ahn Jae Hyun and their agency, she released a statement where she states that she’s not getting a divorce. Some fans believe that the whole drama surrounding her divorce is what drove her to halt all her entertainment activities.

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