Why Ku Hye Sun Could Have Made The Right Decision To Publicize Her Divorce Drama To The World

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A lot of fans have been critical of Ku Hye Sun’s choice to publicize her marriage troubles; many wondered why she’d make such a decision to begin with instead of solving their problems privately.

A Korean lawyer has the answer to that pressing question and it has to do with the Korean law relating to divorce.

SBS interviewed Lawyer Han Seung Mi, she provided her opinion on why Ku Hye Sun might have chosen to publicize the ordeal.

Lawyer Han Seung Mi claims that Ku Hye Sun made the details public for her own advantage in case Ahn Jae Hyun filed for divorce. If Ahn Jae Hyun is held responsible for their separation, it will be difficult for him to win the divorce claim in court.

The lawyer says,

“You can interpret that she wants to protect their marriage as she originally wrote. In the end, it appears that she wanted to reveal his reasoning for the divorce in order to make sure that he is held responsible for their separation.

I believe Ku Hye Sun took that action to have the advantage.”

In South Korea, if the spouse is the one held responsible for divorce it’s very difficult for that spouse to file for the divorce and win it.

A great example that is director Hong Sang Soo and actress Kim Min Hee. While many might not be aware of this, director Hong Sang Soo fell in love with actress Kim Min Hee while they were working on a movie, he was married and had children. After their affair became public, he tried to file for divorce in order to marry Kim Min Hee. You can read in details about that here.

However, he was unable to get a divorce because the court ruled in his wife’s favor since he was the one who had the affair.

Lawyer Han Seung Mi says,

“If the spouse holds responsibility [for the separation] it is difficult to win his divorce claim. For example, Hong Sang Soo filed for divorce claim and lost because he was the responsible one for the separation.”

Ku Hye Sun had previously stated that Ahn Jae Hyun wanted a divorce because he ‘had a change of heart,’ she also claims he used to message women drunkenly in front of her.

While Ahn Jae Hyun tried to shift focus away from him and onto her, it failed when she rebutted his claims and claimed he wanted a divorce because ‘she wasn’t sexy, or had sexy nipples.’ The Korean public sided with her and his reputation was damaged as a result of her claims.

Ahn Jae Hyun had threatened to reveal kakaotalk messages a week ago, but she also rebutted that by claiming she doesn’t even use Kakaotalk. Things have been quiet for about a week.

What do you think of this?

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By Hilda Moore

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  1. I’m glad it’s benefits for her; because she’s really love him; and he really betrayed her, he need to be exposure,when something like this it’s happened it’s rare you think smart but in her case she doing

    1. I don’t think she published it on that intention to stay marriage to him. I think she had a mental breakdown since pushed away by her own husband, treated like shit in her own house, then their agency tried to dwell into her marriage problem, it was all too much for everyone, even for someone who known as an actress who kept her life in private all this long. So, she snapped. She wanted to hurt him as much he has hurt her. It’s not perfect way to do it. But most women can relate to that. I still hope she will proceed the divorce.

    2. yes im agree with your opinion
      why she will protect her maried if her husband doesnt love her anymore, maybe she thinks her husband come.to.him and they will be grow old together .. i dont think so,they can together like before , its better to let it go ..i belive she will be happy with a new life

  2. This is a good law so that people will think things thoroughly before getting married. You cannot just throw away your spouse just because you are bored or found another interest. Leaving a loveless relationship works if you are not married but marriage has the backings of the law that’s why it is sacred.

  3. This girl set this entire scenario up to win public opinion. She’s smart with multiple interests in art, writing, acting, and directing. Not to mention, this girl is a controller with a strong personality. All the tools she needs to create a real time drama are at her disposal. There is absolutely no way will I ever believe the ‘he broke my spirit’ act. First, it takes a really pissed off woman and a I don’t give a damn attitude to post private information about one’s self and his/her partner. I need support isn’t a strong enough motivator. The need for support here is to hurt someone seriously. Secondly, no self-respecting woman who wants posts derogatory info about herself. Remember she did that on nothing but her word he said it. If he did say it, with her personality she said something worse to emasculate him. A weeping willow she is not. This chick is selling books, doing art shows, and burning up Instagram while supposedly being distraught. Honey please, she is pissed and smirking it up behind closed doors. You don’t destroy what you love and want to keep. Just doesn’t happen. If she really wanted to keep her marriage she would have taken a different approach. There isn’t a man alive that would go back to a woman who did this to them. He would be a fool. By the way, if she can find a man with prominence to have her now, I really would be surprised. I have yet to see any actual physical proof of anything she has said, and I am as nosy as the rest of you. Except I have common sense and the ability to look at birth sides of the coin. I love a courtroom and the legal system because they require proof and facts.I verify everything before laying my head on a chopping block.

    And really, she is not the first person or celebrity whose spouse has walked away from their relationship. This happens every single day to multiple people. Women and men. What makes her great? She is only moderately successful. She doesn’t have a wow figure or stunning looks. Is she destined to save us all from the pits of hell? A Beyonce she is not. And her man did cheat for real. Hell she isn’t even at Park Bo Young’s level. Now her, I would back. Her career was no more successful than his other than she did some art, wrote a few things, and directed some short films to which I have zero interest in. She only did well with the last book because of the media storm she created.

    What goes around comes around. All you people who helped her destroy the husband she claims to love, are as pathetic and miserable as she is. So, when karma comes back to slap you in the face, suck it up and take it. Don’t look for sympathy because you won’t deserve it. You’ll be receiving your reward for your misdeeds. And it’s coming because trying to deliberately destroy with or without justification is wrong. That’s why we have laws. By the way, which of you is without sin? I’m just saying. Which of you persecutors can walk water,? Which of you has the right to actually throw a stone? Come I’m waiting.

    By the way, I have a great life, but I have a nasty temper when provoked and no filter on my tongue. At least that’s what I was told Lol. And absolutely no problem annihilating an enemy. I’m a true Scorpio, so if you need a good cry, try me. Unlike her, I don’t pick on the weak, I like my opponents to be tough and smart. I don’t suffer idiots so please do not contact me if your IQ is not at least 130.

  4. Ahn Jae Hyun Is the injured party here!
    People fall out of love. That is a reality. He realized over a year ago but stayed in the marriage and tried to make it work. As time passed and he saw that things would not change.he became increasingly depressed. His wife created a red herring in the press saying it was over the death of a dog to make it look like all was fine in the marriage,
    The accusation of him phoning women while drunk, was fabricated by wife’s lawyers.
    Rumours of affairs were just that and never substantiated.
    Wife then rightfully makes statement to press that no external force was at fault for their issues.
    There was a photo of him on his birthday with three women. That proves nothing -they could have been his cousins. As for leaving after one or two spoonfuls of soup-anyone would be anxious to get away from a miserable individual on their birthday of all days!
    Now the unsexy nipples comment was taken totally out of context!
    When he was telling her the reasons why he wanted the divorce, she shot down every one. Clearly she was digging her claws in!
    Out of total frustration, he said he did not care if the reason was unsexy nipples, he was getting a divorce. You see when put in context how totally different the meaning of the statement is, coming from someone at their wits end. He chose a silly reason to convey to her that the divorce was going to happen regardless of her protestations.
    There is nothing more scary than being in a relationship with an insecure partner. She told him before their wedding that he could never leave her! There is a red flag!
    So she has created a narrative that he has been cheating. She took it back but the damage was done. He lost contracts over it.She was the one who signed up with his management company. Her motive was likely so that she could keep tabs on him, as he had moved out by then, ( No doubt to save his sanity.) So the very person he needs to get away from pops up at his work. Normal well-adjusted people do not do that sort of thing! Nor do they pretend t have forgotten their key so that the doorman at his new apartment could let her in! This is stalking behaviour!!! She then proceeded to go through his phone to see whom he had been chatting with! Total invasion of privacy. And unlike what she thinks, as his wife she does not have the right to trespass,
    You have one very ill woman who will do anything to keep the marriage together. Destroying her husbands reputation and upsetting him to the point he no longer is well mentally is not the way to go about that. She is in denial. She is likely suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder – putting him on notice to not leave her is a hallmark of this disorder. And if you have ever lived with a partner who has it, they will make your life hell; No wonder he wants out! I worry about him as he loses more work. I worry his depression will amplify and he may make a permanent decision to get away from her. He may see that as the only viable solution -which it is not. So I hope he hangs in there and does not pay attention to these silly fans who are siding with his wife. They have no clue what the reality of the situation is and could jeopardize someone’s life!

    1. So totally agree. He didn’t have depression until he married her. The filming crew said she would argue with him for hours. This is a woman who has to have everything her way. Plus, he is selling whatever he has and giving her the money to get away from her.
      I’m thinking the therapist told him to run away as fast as possible.

  5. How do you know what he did or didn’t do? Were you there? Has she really told the truth about everything? This girl is not Sister Mary. As woman, as wife, and has a person for right, she is wrong for what she did. There has not been one shred of physical evidence to prove he cheated or said any of those things. This girl is smart and nobody’s doormat. It’s already been established she was the dominant, so there is no way she would have stood back and let him talk to her like that without retaliating. Her acting career was no better than his, and he worked and got cast before meeting her. BOF and Blood is what she is known for and she was just okay in them. She needs lessons on how have class and self-respect. She humiliated herself, and it could be lies. People break-up every day for various reasons. What is so special about her other than she doesn’t know how to let go. I am suspicious of people who make accusations without providing proof. I don’t believe everything I hear without knowing all the facts. And far there are none. You don’t destroy someone’s life because they want out of a relationship. That’s cruel and vindictive. This girl had legal, family, and friends to support her. She went to the public and played the victim because he wouldn’t come back. No one that distraught can complete a successful book sale, art show, and donate. If she she was really that upset, she would be closed off from everything and everyone. I can easily tell most of you are young and with no real experience or wisdom. Let me tell you something, when you walk this type of path, you always come to dead end. When this is over she will have hurt herself more and her adoring fans will move on to someone new and more interesting. Don’t think there isn’t going to be a price to pay. There is always a price to pay. Especially when you intentionally do something to hurt someone else. The one thing I am positive of, is she meticulously planned this attack. Her only consistency was badmouthing him. Her actions and what she actually says to not correlate. This is devious and evil.

  6. I love ahn jae yun and i am saddened by this happenings in his private life. Hope you can overcome all of these trials…..fighting!!!!as for kyu hye sun….you still have a bright future girl……hope that you both will take this problems peacefully.

  7. Nah I think eventually she’ll divorce him. This is more of a revenge/torture strategy as payback for how he treated her or was about to set her up.

  8. Im a woman and has been married for 10 years. Though, I know the guy is a total jerk but I still think that there are things that are supposed to be kept as private. This woman could have just let the guy go and kept her pride atleast. After all she is a public figure and its not nice to have tje world feast in her private life.

  9. She is so mean .Why post private issues on social media.Now the guy is suffering much his whole career is on the line.what benefits does it give her.If she only wants divorce she should go ahead instead of painting him Black and spoiling his image. This is why most of idols in South Korea immediately give up on their life because of stress and extreme humiliation and criticism from public. I stand for Ahn Jae Hyun.He has his reasons. Ku Hye Sun should learn to forgive and move on.

  10. I don’t understand why need to save the marriage if your partner is not inlove with you.. and if she want to save the marriage, why not before save it? And try to talk to him more.. its better to end bcoz they will hurt each other more sooner or later. The guy will just cheat and cold. Bcoz no more love. Why she didn’t think that.. now the guy is suffering, is she happy now?

  11. For those questioning/wondering why Gu Hye Sun did what she has done… it is simple: “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Only those who went through the same situation would understand. Others just didnt act on the first thought that came to their mind when faced with the situation. For her to do that, the hatred must have been so overwhelming.

  12. The nipple comment, no one knows the real content of the conversation.
    What if she said, “you probably think my nipples aren’t sexy?” And he answered, “yes.”?
    Remember Paul McCartney’s divorce? Her attorneys tried to make him into an abuser. She finally said, “it was easier to lose a leg than to divorce a Beatle.” The truth of everything came out in court and the judge delivered a harsh judgement on her,
    I feel this Ahn guy is getting railroaded too. He just wants to escape. Didn’t the filming crew claim they would yell at each other for hours?
    To me that would be an abusive relationship.

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