HyunA Performance Controversy Became So Big That P-Nation Had To Issue A Response And Its Savage


HyunA has been again criticized, this time for her performance!

It was previously reported that HyunA was under fire by k-netizens for lifting up her skit whilst performing at a college festival. The news became national headlines and were covered by many news outlets.

K-netizens reacted with mean harsh demeaning comments targeted towards HyunA. HyunA has since released a statement, she said,

“The event that I went to yesterday was a university event and there was a bar and alcoholic beverages nearby. It was a party where everyone had fun and enjoyed their time. Please Relax and don’t worry about it.”

However, k-netizens still bashed her in the comment section of articles covering this statement. P-Nation was even contacted to give their official statement regarding her performance.

P-Nation told news outlet SpoTV News,

“We do not negotiate performances with our artists in advance. She did that spontaneously at the event, she is well aware of the controversy.

She personally revealed her position on social media, and we feel her position was clearly explained.”

Fans are applauding P-Nation savage unapologetic statement.

What do you think of this controversy?

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