HyunA Causes Controversy By Lifting Her Skirt Up During College Festival Performance, She Responds To Criticism

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HyunA is under the spotlight once again, this time for the way she performed at a festival!

HyunA is one of the highest in-demand idols for college festivals, and she recently performed at Korea Aerospace University on September 19. One particular fan-cam of her performance went viral and caused serious controversy.

During a performance for “Bubble Pop,” HyunA surprised her back dancers and the concertgoers when she suddenly decided to lift up her skirt and revealed her butt. HyunA even seemed to be surprised by her own action, because of her expressions after she shortly did it.

She carried on the performance as usual and the fan chants grew louder. However, once Korean news outlets caught glimpse of the performance, they reported on it and under these articles, k-netizens heavily criticized her.

Some k-netizens called her ‘cheap,’ others said the performance was ‘too provocative,’ ‘weird,’ ‘not suitable for any children or teenagers attending,’ and that she ‘should’ve been more careful with her actions.’ Some even used unacceptable harassing words that won’t be shared here.

Due to the overwhelming amount of criticism, HyunA took to Instagram to post a snippet of an article covering her story. She captioned,

“The event that I went to yesterday was a university event and there was a bar and alcoholic beverages nearby. It was a party where everyone had fun and enjoyed their time. Please Relax and don’t worry about it.”


She deleted the post shortly after. Despite her explanation, K-netizens responses remain overwhelming negative and critical of her. HyunA hasn’t been able to catch a break with netizens criticizing her every move.

That doesn’t mean all k-netizen responses were negative but the majority were (on Korean media articles covering the story). Contrastingly, international fans either don’t care or came to her defense again.

On the other hand, she recently shared a spoiler to her instagram account exciting fans about her future activities.

You can check out the controversial performance below. Do you think k-netizens went overboard?

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  1. Honestly, in my opinion I don’t think it’s wrong for her to lift her skirt up and show her butt. As this is a show in a college and filled with college students they obviously know her and probably would have seen it coming. In every concert of hers. But for those who felt uncomfortable I understand that’s wrong. Otherwise not

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