Check Out Sunmi’s Epic Response To Haters Who Claim She Got Breast Implants

Sunmi won’t allow haters and those who spread rumors to have it their way!

Recently, some netizens started claiming that Sunmi got breast implants; they came to this conclusion because it seems that her chest has gotten bigger since her last comeback.

However, if you’ve been following Sunmi then you already have an explanation for this. Sunmi had previously stated that she gained 8 Kg (17.6 lb) in preparations for her world tour. She said that she used to weigh 39 kgs and doubted she could have carried a world tour in that state. She worked hard and gained weight with the help of her brother.

She has also been showing her progress on social media for her fans to see. Sunmi is aware of those fake rumors claiming she got breast implants, she had the most epic response, she tweeted,

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Her epic response is making fans fall for her even more! What a queen!

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