Sunmi Says She Felt Like She ‘Could Die’ When She Weighed 39 Kg (86lbs), Reveals How She Gained Weight

Sunmi reveals the story of how she gained back the weight!

Sunmi’s weight loss worried her fans greatly, during her promotions for her hit song “Heroine,” it was obvious she had lost so much weight more than usual. Fans sent her messages of support asking her to take better care of herself.

On August 27, Sunmi held a press conference to promote her newest release “LALALAY.” During the press conference, she was asked about her recent weight gain which she flaunted through her instagram account.

She shocked fans with her statement, she said,

“While I was promoting ‘Heroine,’ I weighed nearly 39 kg (86 lbs). I felt that I could almost die if i continued like that.

With my tour ahead of me, I thought about how I should gain weight if I want to lead the stage for 1 and a half hour. The thought came to mind that I would die if I didn’t.”

She revealed the secret to her weight gain was her younger sibling, she said,

“I had regular meals and exercised. In fact, my younger sibling helped me the most. We’ve been together throughout the tour, purposely using the same room. I had to make sure to feed my sibling, so if he ate, I ate with him. The secret to gaining weight was my dongseng.”

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Fans are glad that Sunmi gained back 8 kgs, we hope that she can keep this up and take good care of her health.

What do you think of what she said?

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