WINNER Is The Next YG Group To Suffer From Its Controversies, University Student Attempt To Boycott Their Performance

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WINNER is the next YG boy group to suffer from the fallout of its agency controversies.

Since its summer it also means it’s time for universities music festivals and many YG artists are in high demand especially WINNER.

Previously, Myongji University students opposed iKON’s appearance at their campus festival due to YG’s ongoing controversy and their former artist Seungri involvement in the Burning Sun controversy. Eventually, iKON did perform but sadly their performance was hindered by unexpected stage technical issues, their handling of the issue gained them praise from the general public.

At first, it seemed that Hanyang University students have also joined in and one particular student demanded WINNER’s attendance to their festival be canceled. The student argue YG is the company Seungri was under and they refuse their tuition being used for YG who they call ‘the hotbet of crime.’ The person who posted this also recognizes that its not WINNER’s fault but its because they’re part of YG and the student who wrote this says YG shouldn’t be getting that money.

Netizens agreed with the sentiment of Hanyang University students, many praising the students for taking a stance and being smart about who they choose their tuition to go to. There are other netizens who disagree with the boycott as well stating WINNER had nothing to do with Seungri’s controversies.

Hanyang University never responded to the opposition.

Later, it was revealed that the student wasn’t actually a student of the school, it was a person outside the university (unrelated). The performance ended up going as planned and it is said the crowd enjoyed WINNER a lot.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

This is a tricky one. It’s also not black or white; it’s not easy for me to personally say I am with or against this.

Netizens hate YG; we’re all clear on that. Seungri arrest warrant was denied and the public was in uproar, with the burning sun investigations concluding netizens were so dissatisfied they actually took to the street to protest the way this entire investigation was handled.

This should tell you that this isn’t about keyboard warriors, this is not only about your oppa, and it’s a bigger issue that is deeper and scarier than you think.

WINNER earns money and they get a portion of it and there is a portion that goes to YG. This is the case with all agencies, the way they split payments differs but idols pay them (with hard work) to manage them.

You could be a fan of WINNER but you hate their management and you suspect (as a fan in South Korea or elsewhere) YG is involved with these controversies, and you don’t want to support that.

Eventually, the money you pay WINNER doesn’t only go to them it also goes to YG and you as a person have no control over that and this is where the issue lies and this is why I personally feel conflicted.

WINNER did nothing wrong, this is happening only because they’re under YG and that’s sad.

I like them. however, I’d totally understand if some people don’t want their hard earned money to go to YG for one reason or another.

Now imagine you’re a student and you work so damn hard to earn money to pay for your tuition and it goes to paying these idols to perform at the festival and you don’t want your hard earned money to be given to YG, can you really blame the way they think? Or blame them for not wanting their hard earned to go there?

It’s sad that WINNER has to go through this with all honesty. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for each idol that’s under YG….. This is a difficult time for them and it’s sad they’re being treated like this because of mere association.

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  1. Yes, let’s destroy the careers of four talented individuals because their management company is suspected of being corrupt. This group has worked very hard to get where they are. You don’t destroy someone’s career because of something like this. I can only hope that every one of those students gets in a similar situation where their college degrees go down the toilet because they are associated with the wrong person or company.

    1. Thats not the right thing to say. people get to choose where they spend their money and if they feel the place that’ll go to is bad then its their choice, you can’t force people to spend money or criticize them for refusing to. the issue is sadly winner is part of YG and thats whats affecting them, people are reluctant to support YG artists because they dont feel its right to give money to that company. its sad but its the way it is.

      1. Attacking the people just trying to earn a living is not the way to do this. If you want to get to the people running YG there must be another way. You never attack the innocent to get at the guilty. And, if the students are willing to do this, I stand by what I said. I hope sometime in their life they are the innocent that are affected by the guilty.

  2. But seungri is no longer in yg so their money wouldn’t even be going towards him I think it’s so stupid that winner that did nothing wrong have to suffer more by the poor mismanagement that yg is and now by the public

    1. YG is currently under special tax investigation and people don’t like the way they handled seungri because at first they threatened lawsuits against media outlets. its a series of issues with YG which is why the public doesn’t like them

  3. korea is really close minded period. if u dont want to be seen like that then they should stop these nonsense. fine, u have the right to decide where your money goes but duh… wonder ur country is even divided into two.

  4. What a reasonable statement. They have nothing to do with Seungri’s case. Think about the boys’ future. One’s mistake is not the mistake of all duuhh. Yes some of their money goes to YG but come to think of it, Winner have to earn money too so instead of making that excuse, they should at least consider Winner’s career. If Winner did a mistake, then that’s the only time they should be angry at them. IT’S NOT WINNER’S FAULT THAT THEY’RE UNDER YG.

  5. This is not YG Entertainment and WINNER faults. Everyone in YG Company has work hard for every song they produced, and YG is not corrupt, YG is paying the taxes, electric bills, water bills, food, the YG ARTISTS TRAINER, the YG STAFF. About Seungri case, let me explain about that! Seungri is innocent, he doesn’t do anything, he work hard for his family and for his future life, you will see that Seungri is innocent because the court denied the police’s arrest of warrant for Seungri! YG Entertainment do their best to protect the YG and their Artists, because BLACKPINK is not BLACKPINK without YG, WINNER is not WINNER without YG, iKON is not iKON without YG, BIGBANG is not BIGBANG without YG. So let’s protect and support YG whatever happens! Thankyou!

  6. They really closed minded their artist is just under the label they shouldn’t marginalize everyone that is BULLYING!!!! They said they standup for what is right really? Is this the right thing to shame someone just because their label is on the spot??? You can do it in a different way WINNER, IKON, BLACKPINK, LEE HI, AKMU and the rest are among under YG entertainment are rgey going to do same thing as well?? If yes then they just prove how narrow headee they are these artist came not represent their label but themselves to their fans. STOP acting like this is really immature!!!!!!






  8. IMO, this issue is like, “your father’s/mother’s or sister’s/brother’s crime is your crime”. This mindset is so wrong and so unfair to those innocent artists under YG Management. Students need proper guidance. Parents, teachers and adults should teach the students, children and young individuals to be responsible and reasonable every response or reaction they’ll make. Just put yourself in those innocents situation.

    Hope this make sense.

  9. I swear some Koreans are f-ing stupid, boycott them just because they are from the same Label? How about boycotting the whole country since they are all the same kind. Doesn’t make sense.

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