How iKON Handled The Worst Stage Technical Issue The Most Professional Way Possible

A clip is going viral and gaining iKON lots of new fans.

The YG boy group is known for being extremely professional on stage, they showed again just how professional they are with the way they handled what could only be described as one of the worst stage technical issues that could happen to any artist.

They performed at a festival in Myongi University but their performance didn’t go smoothly.

While the boys were performing fans noticed that they were only using one microphone and passing it to one another when it was their turn to sing.

During the early stages of their performance the mics stopped working, only one was operating while the rest 6 weren’t. At first, iKON were confused and tried to work it out with the staff going back and forth onto and off the stage but that didn’t work. The song stopped playing while the boys contemplated what to do discussing with the staff.

Some of the members then started interacting with fans trying to lighten up the mood, many took photos and provided good fan service.

The boys then yelled out to the audience that they would restart again since the mics weren’t working properly and Bobby hyped the stage up. When the crowd found out, they started booing the production behind the festival but the boys calmed the fans down.

Eventually, they decided to perform with only one mic. They stood close to each other and handed out the mic to one another when it was their turn.

That was not the only issue with their stage but the song would also abruptly stop then play then stop, the boys continued to perform regardless.

When the event ended Bobby yelled out to fans that they had to go and the boys waved and bowed to fans before exiting the stage.

Fans and spectators are impressed with iKON’s professionalism and patience. Not once the boys showed signs of being irritated that their performance was ruined by technical issues.

Many are praising the boys for their efforts.

You can check out the full performance plus what happened below:

[fusion_youtube id=”f03ORPsvGvs” alignment=”” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” /]

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