Park Hyung Sik Says He’s So Close To BTS V Their Parents Are Also Friends

Park Hyung Sik loves BTS V and Park Seo Joon whom he both met while filming for the historical drama “Hwarang.”

He has, on numerous occasions, spoken fondly of his friendship with them even calling them his ‘soulmates.’

On May 20, Park Hyung Sik appeared on the radio show “Park Sun Young’s Cine Town Radio” to promote his film “Juror 8” which hit theatres on May 15.

He picked BTS’s “Boy With Luv” when asked what song he recommends and said,

“V and I have both been to each other’s family homes.

Our parents are also friends and have even gone on trips together too. We’re close like a family.”

Park Hyung Sik also touched on BTS’s immense global popularity. When asked what he and his close friend V do when they meet up, he says they only meet briefly due to their tight schedules and says they pick a day and go somewhere together.

Fans cannot help but gush over the two close friends.

Do you love their friendship?

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1 thought on “Park Hyung Sik Says He’s So Close To BTS V Their Parents Are Also Friends”

  1. If you can hear from the distance, you can hear Jimin say “Just go play with your Hwarang hyungs!”

    (it’s a joke knowing that you cannot meet BTS or any famous people)


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