Park Hyung Sik Talks About His Soulmates BTS V And Park Seo Joon


On May 8, Park Hyung Sik sat down for an interview to promote his upcoming movie and big screen debut “Juror 8.”

This is his first big-screen acting debut, he’s been active in dramas and has been in many hit shows such as “The Heirs” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

During his interview he talked about his close friends BTS V and Park Seo Joon, they’re known for being one of the most famous Korean celebrity friends. They often meet up and share photos of their gatherings to the delight of their fans.

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They first met on the set of the historical drama “Hwarang” and have maintained a friendship since then, their friendship only grew stronger despite their extremely hectic schedules.

About being friends with them he said,

“I don’t do anything to try to make myself stand out when there are lots of people around me. I am not the type to get close to people easily and I am also not the type to be alone all the time either.

When you work on projects, you meet people you can get along with. There are people you also effortlessly keep in touch with. I consider the two members I worked with in the drama ‘Hwarang’ to be my soulmates. We continue to meet and I find myself asking ‘what are you doing?’ ‘lets grab a meal together’ often.”

Fans can’t stop talking about how great their friendship is, they must mean the world for him because he calls them ‘his soulmates.’

Meanwhile, “Juror 8” premieres on May 15.

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