Recently, it was revealed that BLACKPINK hit track “Kill This Love” was banned from playing on one of the three biggest Korean broadcasting stations.

KBS stated that “Kill This Love” violated traffic laws so it was banned from playing on their station. The reason has evoked both laughter and anger from fans who couldn’t believe the music video was banned because of Rose not wearing a seatbelt while driving in a scene of “Kill This Love.”

While it might be news to some Kpop fans, older Kpop fans are aware that KBS is famous for banning Kpop music videos for the most ridiculous funny/weird reasons.

Here is a list of some of the Kpop music videos that KBS banned over the years, you’ll be shocked to find out this isn’t the first BLACKPINK music video to be banned.

PSY “Gentleman”


The hit track that broke records overseas was banned by KBS, the reason:

“Showing destruction of public property.”

Orange Caramel “Catallena”


One of the weirdest most popular Kpop girl groups music videos was also banned by KBS, the reason:

“Devaluing human life” because the members were wrapped in plastic packages.

WINNER “Island”


This one got on the nerves of a lot of LGBT Kpop fans.

According to SBS Pop Asia, it is reported that KBS banned the song because it contains:

“language about sexual relations between men and women or homosexuality, obscene content.”

It is suspected that this is the lyrics which represented an issue:

“Just like a cocktail, shake it, I want to mix with you on the sofa.”

DEAN “Instagram”


One of the most famous and best-performing tracks of 2018 was banned by KBS and the reason? “Using the brand name Instagram.”

EXO “Lotto”


Similar to Dean’s hit track “Instagram,” EXO hit track “Lotto” was also banned because the title of the song is a brand name referring to “Lottery.”



BLACKPINK debut track was also banned.

“BOOMBAYAH” wasn’t allowed to be played or promoted with its original lyrics because it mentioned an alcohol brand name Henny short for “Hennessey” which is a cognac brand.

That’s not the only reason, the lyrics were also problematic for KBS, the part that goes ‘middle finger up F you pay me’ was also a reason for the ban.

BTS “Dope”


Not even BTS was able to escape KBS strict regulations. Their hit track “Dope” was banned because it had ‘Vulgar lyrics.’

Which one of these banned songs made the least sense to you?