KBS Just Banned BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” Music Video For This Reason

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BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” music video will not playing on KBS any time soon!

KBS music video review has returned their results of BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” music video among others, and they deemed the music video unfit for broadcast because it violates traffic laws.

In the music video, there is a scene in which Rose drives the car, she was not wearing a seatbelt thus she violated traffic laws.

KBS also banned other new or upcoming music videos, Park Bom upcoming song “4:44,” Kim Dong Han’s “Focus” among others. It’s been reported that Park Bom’s upcoming MV is also banned for traffic laws violations.

If these videos were to be edited and submitted for reviews, they could appear on KBS again.

It’s worthy to note that this isn’t the first MV that KBS banned due to traffic law violations.

Its also the third BLACKPINK MV that KBS had banned, they previously banned “Boombaya” for the words “F U Pay me.”

Some fans laughed at the reason while others were puzzled.

It is known that KBS is extremely strict with its broadcasting laws.

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  1. None of your business because you are not make the music video , They YG workers they manufacturer the music video so
    do not be meddle

  2. You’re jealous because YG is reach YG ENTERTAINMENT IS THE LEGENDARY ENTERtainment so do not be jealous you jerk ahahahahahah yawa mo mga selosa og seloso pakyo

  3. Why are the commenters so salty? Kbs can choose what they what they’re broadcasting. The audience is easily influenced by what they watch and hear, and if kbs feel like they should not put these kinds of violations on their station, no one can really say anything about it. Geez y’all triggered

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