The former 2NE1 member and leader CL has made headlines a couple of hours ago, she was spotted by fans lenses at Incheon airport. The idol is on her way to perform at a scheduled concert in Singapore.

She was dressed in comfy jeans and a black baggy shirt but fans noticed that she has gained some weight. This is the first time that fans saw CL this thick since her debut days, she always had a sexy body but this was the first time they saw her with an apparent weight gain, some are loving it while others are a little worried about her health.

CL greeted fans with a smile on her face; she accepted fan letters and kept waving for the cameras making her way through the airport. She then posted some of the fans’ letters to her Instagram story and thanked fans for them.

Some fans attributed her recent weight gain to her rocky relationship with Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment. The idol had previously commented on one of his posts asking him to check his messages and reply to her.

Since then, there have been no updates from the idol herself and the agency as well.

Do you think that her recent weight gain is because of that? Are you worried about her health?


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