Jang Dong Gun Explains Why He Chose “Suits” And Praises His Co-star Park Hyung Sik


Jang Dong Gun recently sat down for an interview with new outlet Herald Pop at a café in Palpung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. He spoke about the reason why he chose “Suits” as his comeback drama in six years and talked about his partner in crime Park Hyung Sik.

He revealed that he enjoyed the American version of “Suits,” and thought that its important to get a grasp of the character but he also wants to distinguish his character from the American version, thus he chose not follow the character too closely.

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He revealed that he watched the original American version after being offered the leading role and added,

“I was afraid that I might want to imitate so I stopped watching after episode 6.”

He talked about Park Hyung Sik, his co-star, he said,

“He’s really great. There is a huge age gap between us, but we interact comfortably around each other. There are a lot of scenes where we bicker so we quickly became close through that after filming few scenes together.

In fact, he is better looking in person. His proportions are great, and he has a manly charm. He is also great at acting. He has lots of strengths.”

“Suits” will air its first episode on April 25 at 10 p.m. KST.

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