NU’EST W Becomes The 4th Artist To Sell 200,000 Copies In The First Week’EST-W.jpg

NU’EST W is soaring to new highest with their newest release.

NU’EST W just became the 4th artist and the first sub unit to sell over 200,000 copies of their new album in the first week.

On October 16, it was revealed that NU’EST W has sold 205,000 copies of their newest mini album “W,HERE.” This makes them the 4th artist to have done so in first week sales, following in the footsteps of BTS, Wanna One and EXO.

They’re the first sub unit to have also achieved this feat., and the smallest group to have sold this amount of copies, other groups who have reached this milestone had at least 7 members.’EST-W.jpg

The group is also maintaining its presence on Korea’s real time charts with their newest releases, with two of their album tracks in the top 10 real time ichart.

Congrats to NU’EST W on achieving such a great milestone.

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