YouTuber Accuses BLACKPINK Lisa Of Stealing Her Choreography, Fans Fight Back

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YouTuber Cierra Nichols claims that BLACKPINK Lisa stole her choreography!

A couple of days ago, Cierra Nichols wrote to her Instagram story the following:

“In today’s episode of “Let’s Steal from Black People” a Korean singer gets 7.8 million views in a day using most of your choreography. Love that for us.”

She’s referring to the recent choreography video Lisa released of the song “Mushroom Chocolate” by QUIN and 6LACK. Cierra Nichols had previously posted a choreography video of the same song two years ago.

She later added this to twitter in response to the overwhelming hate she received for accusing Lisa of this,

“Convinced people can’t read. I know to credit someone if I clearly pulled from it [choreo]. I seen the inspiration the girl looks great.”

One fan later commented on one of her videos saying they came because of Lisa’s choreography, she replied with,

“Because of Lisa and her choreographer using my moves.”

The issue seems to be focusing on the first part of the video, particularly the floor dance part. Fans have uncovered evidence trying to prove that Cierra Nichols is ‘looking for clout.’

Lisa is obviously not the one who designed this choreography, it is credited to Cheshir Ha, both dancers actually follow each other on instagram which could be an indication that the two know of each other to a certain extent.

Because of the massive hate she received upon her statement, Lisa’s fans flooded her YouTube video and disliked it, currently the dislike to like ratio is too great, she has since disabled the comment section.

Check out the two videos in question:

Later, the YouTuber responded to a fan who probably brought up that she was looking for drama by making such accusations,

“it’s not about drama girl. I could care less but it’s clear where the beginning got its inspiration. It’s clear there not doing it anything like mine 🙂 that’s why I’m fine.”

Fans have mass reported the YouTuber to YG hoping they’ll take legal action against the accusations. They continue to defend Lisa stating the YouTuber is looking for attention and decided to make an issue out of it instead of talking to the one who choreographed Lisa’s dance. They’re also doing campaigns to get the YouTuber to release a public apology.  

YG Entertainment has yet to address the growing controversy.

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