YG To Take Strict Legal Action Against Hacker Who Leaked BLACKPINK’s Jennie Personal Photos

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YG Entertainment has finally addressed the issue of BLACKPINK’s Jennie personal photos being leaked online.

The newly released statement is in a response to a certain Twitter user that began releasing photos of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie allegedly out on dates together. The hacker claims the photos are private and has been sharing the said photos they obtained through either Twitter or Telegram. Some fans and netizens claim some photos were photoshopped but there were other instances that worried fans as it appears some of the BLACKPINK members were hacked.

While initially fans were stunned at the possibility that V and Jennie might be dating, the situation shifted into worry and anger at the possibility that the shared photos are actually hacked and that a person had access to them and was sharing them with everyone online.

Fans have been begging YG and HYBE to take strict legal action and find the person who has been leaking the photos. HYBE has recently came out with a statement announcing legal action and now YG has followed.

On October 3, YG told news outlets they have filed an official request to investigate the person who originally distributed Jennie’s personal photographs. They said they have been monitoring the situation and have filed a complaint in September after gathering information.

YG also explains the reason behind why they have remained silent this entire time saying,

“We have refrained from commenting and expressing our position to minimize further damage. However, we want to reveal our legal response and correct the situation as we feel responsible for the reckless mass production of rumors, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and privacy violations triggered by the personal photos.”

YG also says they’re specifically filing this case under violations of the Information and Communication Network Act, violation of illegal information and distribution, and obscene use of communication media.

YG ended their statement by assuring there will be no leniency saying, “the photos released online were illegally released.” The act of re-sharing the photos can also be considered a “secondary offense and subject to legal punishment.”

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