YG Hands Out Seungri’s Backup Dancers To BLACKPINK Concert, Vips Trend #Seungrideservesbetter In Response

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BIGBANG Seungri had said something last night at his concert in Hong Kong that left VIPs fuming.

On January 12, BIGBANG Seungri held his solo concert “The Great Seungri” in Hong Kong; fans noticed that there wasn’t a live band or many backup dancers. Seungri the interacted with fans and explained why there are only two backups dancers but it made his fans furious.

Seungri revealed that Yang Hyun Suk had called him while he was rehearsing for his solo concert, Seungri recalled,

“Earlier, my boss Yang Hyun Suk called me and asked me what I was doing right now. I told him I am having a solo concert in Hong Kong tonight. I said boss don’t you know, I have a solo concert tonight…. YG has many great artists these days, BLACKPINK, WINNER and iKON.

He said, Seungri do you need your dancers? I told him ‘what do you mean? of course I need them, this is my solo concert! My boss then told me ‘Seungri, I don’t think you need it. You can do it alone. I asked him why and he said, ‘it’s the Great Seungri Show, you can perform alone.

So my dancers just went to BLACKPINK’s concert in Thailand.

Ok fine, I am fine!

Al right, so tonight, the great seungri show has only two dancers right now but I have… I have… I have you!”

Check out the video below:

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK have embarked on a world tour and held two solo concerts in Thailand so far, on January 11 and 12. The girls are also set to perform tonight in Bangkok for the third time.

After the video gain buzz in the community, VIPs were extremely furious and trended the hashtag #SeungriDeservesBetter on twitter and Instagram. VIPs have been bombarding Yang Hyun Suk Instagram as well asking him why he’d treated Seungri like this and demanded better treatment of a member of one of the biggest Kpop groups.

VIPs also started sharing stories about how BIGBANG made YG Entertainment and how they helped propel the agency to be one of the big 3. A senior artist having to perform with two backup dancers is truly sad.

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

I am not the biggest VIP but I do respect BIGBANG and my favorite member is Seungri.

I know that Seungri isn’t the best in singing in his group but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard to compensate for that. I have seen him talk a dozen times before about not being believed in or getting the recognition he deserves.

A senior artist that has been in the business for more than 10 years has only two backup dancers… this is disgraceful in my opinion, it’s a huge slap to the face to Seungri and very disappointing.

Seungri has to do what the boss tells him to do, he’s his boss after all but its sad that this had to be done this way…..

Trying to think of it from YG’s perspective: they might have been pressed with time or something bad happened to some BLACKPINK backup dancers, I don’t know the circumstances but I do know that it’s very disappointing for this to have happened and for Seungri to say it.

We don’t know the exact circumstances but I am also shocked that Seungri doesn’t have the full back up as a senior artist, like more back up dancers in case something went wrong…

I don’t know but it seems unlikely that agencies don’t prepare for emergencies, assuming there was one to begin with because it doesn’t make sense for his dancers to just go to BP’s concert…

I hope fans don’t take this and bash BLACKPINK, the girls are also employees and they don’t get to control the circumstances or concert planning either. Its just sad that this happened, I was very sad reading VIPs comments!

I hope that Seungri knows we love him so much and care about him! Fighting!

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