Why BLACKPINK Lisa Is Being Criticized By K-Netizens For Not Doing This On Her YouTube Channel

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BLACKPINK Lisa is being criticized by some K-netizens for something that she failed to do with her YouTube videos.

Her successful solo channel has racked up views with each upload, however, some noticed that she doesn’t blur out people’s faces.

A post on Nate is gaining lots of attention, the post says,

“I keep seeing it in her videos and its so offensive, there are lots of Youtubers out there, isn’t it one of the basics to mosaic people’s faces?

I am not only talking about 1 second, but faces of people just stay there for the whole video, I think it should be just basic manners so I am releasing this, because I was watching Lisa’s videos….

I’ve seen comments that Lisa isn’t the one who edits the videos but her company does it, can the company get it together?

I know this doesn’t directly violate image rights but this is just the basis… don’t they need people’s permission to do this.”

“Lilifilm Official” videos are watched by millions of people and it is true that Korean usually blur out people’s faces in videos which can be considered as breech of people’s privacy since the camera stays focused on one thing more than a couple of seconds.

Netizens who saw the post have mixed response, some criticized her while others believe it’s not a big deal.

Here are some netizens comments:

“Do you expect drug store kids to know about this? the drug store people don’t even know what having ‘consideration is.”

“People say foreigners don’t know about that, other celebrities like Eric Nam edits his own videos and he hides everyone.”

“This is a bit ambiguous, some Youtubers upload vlogs that lacks focus and they don’t mosaic either.”

“But on public broadcast, I have almost never seen regular people face mosaic?? This isn’t some fundamentals, so I don’t know.”

“I think this should be basic manners… the other Youtubers all cover faces so this is a big deal.”

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What do you think of the criticism? Do you agree or disagree?

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. People will find any reason any little thing to hate on Lisa and other BLACKPINK members. Lisa is not a YouTuber. She is an artist. Any normal person wouldn’t think about doing that and Lisa is normal to YouTube. I wouldn’t think to do that.

  2. Who give a shit! It s her channal ok…shut the hell up..stop bashing her for a little of mistake…so what! Lisa can do whatever she wants. Get a life Knetizen! Go do something else.

  3. The kpop fandom just looks for things to complain about. News, yotubers, etc none of them have to blur. It’s optional and takes forever. You’re in public, that means you’re on 100s of security cameras already.

  4. Bored and green eyed monster Knetz at its finest.. Guess what, Lisa is not even Korean and she does not intend to malign anyone like the way you dumbasses do! Leave her alone. The more you do this, the more famous she gets with the International fans!

  5. will if im one of the people who saw at her videos i feel happy cause ive seen in her videos.. gosh knetz are so dumb! in my opinion though theres nothing wrong in her videos so stop critiscing her! make a life u people!

  6. She is not at all in fault… People are just jealous of her popularity.. Lisa we all love your videos and will always love you and support you. These people need pity reasons to bring you down but the truth is you are a boomerang the more they want to pull you down, the more you will make to the heights. And don’t forget haters her name certainly says ‘ the one who is praised ‘

  7. K netz just need a godamn reason to criticize Artist and it looks like this time their target is Blackpink’s Lisa.
    I am not a Blink but I am just telling that their is no need to curse them or say abuse them

  8. Well, she just deleted the original videos that have more than 5 million views and reuploaded them with the blurred faces today – ARE YOU HAPPY NOW KNETZ??????

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