Previously, fans started speculating that BLACKPINK was working on new music after producer Tommy Brown posted a photo with them. Producer Tommy Brown has previously worked with many big names such as Ariana Grande, John Legend, and more.

Fans became curious when they saw the photo and since they hanged out with Ariana Grande, many started to assume that they’re probably working on something together.

Today, a man named Tony Fernandes posted a photo to his Instagram, the caption excited fans, he wrote,

“My man @tbhits in Malaysia after working with @blackpinkofficial. Getting to understand the ASEAN music scene. What a talent. But what I love about him is his humility. A good soul. Long may that continue and let’s make some great music together.”

So this basically confirms it, the talented duo has been working with YG IT group on new music. Fans are now curious about the group’s comeback plans.

Are you excited about this?



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