VIXX Hongbin Disrespects SHINee, INFINITE, EXO And Other Groups + Gives Middle Finger During Live Stream, Then Issues Multiple Apologies

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VIXX Hongbin has managed to get on the nerves of a lot of kpop fandoms with his recent remarks and it sparked huge debate and a lot of criticism.

On February 29, VIXX Hongbin thought it was a good idea to drink then live stream on twitch. He made several disrespectful/rude/blunt comments towards many groups including SHINee, he commented on SHINee’s “Everybody” while listening to the theme song of the animated show “Digimon” mixed to it and said,

“Who the hell this kind of idol song to this band music? So lousy.”

영상 지워지는거 빡쳐서 내가 올림 빅스 VIXX 홍빈 술방에서 ‘밴드 음악에 누가 이딴 아이돌 노래를 끼얹어, 허접하게’ 라며 말한거 당장 사과하세요

— 나잇 🌙 (@525________) February 29, 2020

UPDATE: [BREAKING] Hongbin Has Left VIXX After 8 Years

Hongbin also criticized the choreography of INFINITE’s “Be Mine,” saying,

“Personally, I would’ve beaten the choreographer for that routine. What is that? It’s a cool song. Why would you choreograph that kind of dance to such a cool part?”

He also made some bitter comments towards EXO; he talked about how SM even coaches their gestures,

“You wanna know something cute? SM teaches you everything from every gesture to every move. There will be someone that teaches you the gestures and someone that doesn’t. They break down each person. But we (VIXX) produce everything ourselves.”

He also talked about EXO’s “Wolf” saying,

“I’m sorry but I’ve always been a vampire and these people (EXO) were wolves. It was always funny to me because vampires always won. In history, the people who remain are the ones who win. In modern day, when comparing who will win between vampires (VIXX) and wolves (EXO), I think its vampires. Try and keep up. Ah~sad to say that there is no one that can keep up to us. I mean there is no one from the wolves that can keep up.”

역사에 지대로 남았네 시발 축하한다 역대급 아이돌 아니고 돌아이#홍빈_사과해

— 이름 (@429710_) March 1, 2020

About Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”, he said that the song is ‘too idol-like’ and the ‘color is too strong,’ and even asked, ‘don’t you know what mass appeal means?’

He also gave the middle finger during his live stream.

A few hours after the initial broadcast, Hongbin held another live broadcast to apologize. He tried to explain that he wanted to differentiate his idol image from his twitch image and it didn’t land well.

In the middle of the broadcast, he stepped outside for a couple of minutes and when he returned, he said that it was an employee from his agency who told him to leave the team if he’s going to be like that, he added,

“Please don’t criticize my team. I made the mistake, not them.”

However, his apology was poorly received by fans. He proceeded to post a second apology on his Instagram, he stated he was sorry and there were no excuses, he apologized to his members and fans for disappointing them as well.

Later, Jellyfish followed with a statement apologizing on his behalf to all the fans of the group he hurt with his remarks.

What do you think of his words?

My Personal Thoughts

I don’t personally find it THAT awful, it’s his opinion after all. He didn’t express it respectfully but it’s his opinion and I don’t care about it that much. That being said, this is probably my first time EVER seeing an idol publicly talk about other idol groups that way which is why I understand the backlash he received.

Jellyfish were probably just chillin and then got a call about what Hongbin did and they were PISSED. The thing is, in the idol world you’re not allowed to be this confrontational or this blunt/rude, you’ll immediately get on a lot of people’s nerves and ruin things for yourself.

In America, this would’ve landed better because when I compare what he said to what other western celebrities say about each other, his opinions are vanilla.

The moral of the story is not to drink and stream. Don’t do it guys…

Whats your reaction to this article?

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