UP10TION’s Hwanhee Departs His Agency TOP Media + Shares A Heartwarming Handwritten Letter Addressing His Departure

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UP10TION‘s Hwanhee will depart his agency TOP Media.

On March 20, TOP Media announced on its official website that the exclusive contract of UP10TION member Hwanhee, who has been with them since his debut in September 2015 has been ended on March 20 after a long discussion.

The following is the full official position of TOP Media!

Hello. We’re TOP Media.
We sincerely thank the fans who love UP10TION.

After his debut in September 2015, UP10TION member Hwanhee’s exclusive contract ended on March 20. We and mutually agreed to terminate the contract upon the expiration of the exclusive contract.  

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Hwanhee, who gave strength to the music of each album as the main vocalist of UP10TION.

We’ll be rooting for you to continue to work as a good artist.
Thank you again for your generous support to Hwanhee.

While Hwanhee also shared a handwritten letter to announce his parting with Top Media.

Check out the handwritten letter by Hwanhee below:

Hello! I’m Hwanhee of UP10TION!
I think a lot of things happened over 10 years! Looking back, everything was a good memory and happiness. Our family-like UP10TION.

Thank you TOP Media for letting me meet them! Because of our HONEy10(fandom), UP10TION was able to be here. The days when I could meet HONEY10 were all joyful and 7 years…

I was able to spend it happily.♡ We’re UP10TION! I pray that we can continue to work hard in our respective places and meet again in the future as better people. I hope we’re all happy. I’m going to repay you with the love I received from HONEY10! So that I can keep my promise. I plan on working hard as a better singer. Thank you for loving us.

I hope UP10TION’s Hwanhee, Hwanhee, and HONEY10, who is on our side, will continue to be our fans. I hope so. ♡ Thank you so much for the past 10, 7 years. I think more frustration than regrets. Thank you always, and I hope you’ll continue to look forward to us.
We’ll go meet the fans who want to see us soon. I love you so much and thank you always.
This has been UP10TION’s Hwanhee.~♡

Meanwhile, Hwanhee debuted as a member of group UP10TION in 2015 and showed off his outstanding singing ability as a main vocalist. In “Boys Planet,” which first aired on February 2, he participated having his real name Lee Hwanhee and received great love, but announced the news of his departure on March 9.

Our best wishes for Hwanhee!

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