TREASURE To Promote As 10 Members Without Bang Ye Dam And Mashiho For The Rest Of 2022, Here Is Why

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TREASURE will be promoting as a 10-member group for the rest of 2022.

On July 13, YG Entertainment released an official statement to explain the reasoning behind the decision. members Bang Ye Dam and Mashiho will not participate in the group’s summer comeback or tour.

Previously, YG had released a statement in May to announce Bang Ye Dam’s and Mashiho’s temporary hiatus. Back then, YG said Bang Yedam will be taking a hiatus to focus on his potential as a producer, he will be focusing on studying music for the time being. Mashiho, who is currently resting in Japan, will also be going on a hiatus due to health reasons. He will spend more time with his family.

In their new statement, YG says, “TREASURE will be promoting as a 10-member group for personal and health of the individual members. Its been decided they will continue to do so for their comeback this summer, tour and until the end of the year.’

YG also added that they’re currently facing ‘internal difficulties’ but understand how frustrated fans must feel. They wrapped up their statement asking for fans’ support for the group’s upcoming comeback and activities.

Their statement was met with mixed responses by fans. Many were upset at the fact that YG neglected to mention the members names in the statement that is about their hiatus.

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