TREASURE 13 Future Uncertain After Debut Plans For July Falls Through

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YG Entertainment upcoming boy group TREASURE 13 is not debuting as soon as everybody expected!

Yang Hyun Suk had previously personally revealed that TREASURE 13 will debut between May and July this year. However, with July coming to an end, their debut is not happening as soon as everybody expected.

To make matters worse, an insider source from YG Entertainment revealed that since Yang Hyun Suk, the main producer, stepped down due to allegations brought against him including prostitution mediation, TREASURE 13 debut has been postponed indefinitely.

When contacted about the inside information, YG Entertainment refused to comment on the matter.

Yang Hyun Suk held the position of the ‘representative producer’ in his company, which means he was in charge of casting, training trainees, music and video production process of YG artists. With his departure, it seems that TREASURE 13 future is uncertain.

Some fans fear the worst, the fate of Mixnine getting repeated again. The selected winning group didn’t get to debut because the companies didn’t agree to the contract terms set by YG Entertainment.

Yang Hyun Suk was recently booked on suspicions of prostitution mediation and YG Entertainment stock price continues to falls. The stock price hasn’t been able to recover since the beginning of the controversies.

What do you think will happen to TREASURE 13?

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My Personal Thoughts

I don’t know what will happen to TREASURE 13 but what I do know is that the more they delay the debut and more issues on Yang Hyun Suk emerge; the more difficult it’ll become to successfully debut them.

The reason why Produce winning groups debut within a couple of months after the program finishes isn’t just a coincidence; the companies need to capitalize on the interest of the public. The longer the group is away to prepare their debut the more difficult it is for them to maintain that attention. This is going to be the case for TREASURE 13.

Browsing Naver articles on YG or Yang Hyun Suk, I see that the majority of comments are awful and heavily critical of everything the agency does. With Yang Hyun Suk away and him going in and out of police stations for investigations, I suspect the debut will be put on hold until this whole thing wraps up. I highly doubt given his character he’d allow the group to debut without him monitoring everything in terms of music.

I’ve spoken about YG’s business model before and how flawed it was to the naked eye. I know that many young fans won’t be able to sense the exact issue but in business, we have a saying that goes, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’

The problem with YG is that they rely heavily on their founder Yang Hyun Suk for the musical direction. At all time, everything is under his control and that’s an issue.

For YG to survive as a company they cannot rely on one man for music approval, if everything has to go through him, that’s an issue. I can sense that pride and love for attention keeps Yang Hyun Suk from giving space for others to prosper. I might be a lot younger than him but I am not stupid. The way things run in YG is a ticking time bomb and you’ll be able to see it in the coming years.

Their reliance on Yang Hyun Suk is a problem in itself. I don’t mean they should stop and cast him away, but at the same time, he shouldn’t be the one responsible for everything in music.

For a company like YG it isn’t a difficult task to find talented producers who can take some of Yang Hyun Suk workload. Look at the agency now, how many releases have they had since 2019 began? Not to mention, almost all of their artists’ releases struggled to remain in the top 10 charts a week after they got out and that’s an even bigger issue.

If we were to talk about numbers and the losses YG incurred in the past months, your head will be spinning.

Personally speaking, I can’t believe that a company this big still relies on one man to make every final call instead of a couple of them.

It is his loss by the end of the day, because the more he makes himself the center of all music productions in his company, the more it’ll suffer in the future.

I also suspect that he’ll be back as the key producer if he’s cleared of everything. There is no way he’s actually stepping down. The man owns the most stocks in his company, even if he’s out, he still has control.

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  1. your right but if they don’t debut treasure 13 right now I’m really gonna file a petition you know we treasure makers even made a hashtag for them and it becomes the number 1 worldwide trend in the world we made them trending just to make them debut

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