The First Ever Indian Kpop Idol To Debut Is Here: Meet BLACKSWAN’s Sriya

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The kpop group BLACKSWAN is adding two new members to its lineup and one of the members is Indian.

Back in 2021, the group’s agency DR Music announced that they would be holding global auditions to add a new member to the group. Two made it to the finals, Indian trainee Sriya and Brazilian trainee Gabi.

What followed was a series of videos showcasing the trainees potential and improvement over a period of time. Fans cheered on both trainees and many thought they should both debut alongside the rest of the group because they’re both so talented.

On May 26, the agency announced that both will be joining the group. BLACKSWAN has four existing members which are: Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, and Leia.

18-year-old Sriya has become the first ever Indian K-idol to debut. She was born in Odisha and has been dancing since she was very young. She began taking dancing seriously when she was 12-years old. She stands at 170 cm [5ft 7] and is known for her beauty as well.

In an interview with TalkTalk Korea, Sriya says she dreamt of becoming an idol because of her love for Kpop and particularly EXO. When her friends showed her “Growl” by EXO she began copying their moves.

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