The Agency In-Charge Of Recruiting IVE Reveals That The University Festivals Controversy Was Caused Due To Misunderstandings

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Amid the controversy over the appearance of IVE at the university festival, the agency, which was in charge of recruiting artists for the festival, said that it was a misunderstanding caused by communication problems between their agency, and the local agency.

On October 5, the booking agency announced in an official statement that a local agency requested to recruit IVE for their appearance at the university festival to their company, and they also requested Starship Entertainment regarding this but they did not receive a definite response from them and they also notified the local agency of the situation but they left an open possibility for IVE’s appearance which led to misunderstandings since the local agency wanted to recruit IVE.

The following is the full statement of the official position of the Dermersen agency:

Hello, We’re the agency who was in charge of recruiting IVE at the Kyungpook National University festival.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by the issue of the appearance of IVE this time, and we will briefly explain the process of recruiting IVE and the reason behind failing to have IVE appear.

First of all, a local agency that received a request to cast IVE came to our company, and we also requested Starship Entertainment regarding this and we did not receive a definite response from their side. Since then, Starship Entertainment has informed our agency that it cannot confirm the invitation request, and we have also notified the local agency that IVE will not attend.

Therefore, we met with local agencies and other officials to discuss countermeasures and make efforts to proceed with the festival. In the end, the responsibility for this situation is our agency’s fault for leaving the possibility open to local agencies because they wanted to recruit IVE.

The down payment was also not transferred to Starship Entertainment and was returned back to the local agency. We saw an announcement yesterday regarding the change of lineup for the Kyungpook National University Festival to inform the university students. Naturally, Starship Entertainment has not made the decision to appear, so we made an objection, and our agency executives are currently in Daegu after recognizing the seriousness of the situation. We would like to apologize to the classmates, the festival officials, and local agencies for their efforts, and above all, we sincerely apologize to the students of Kyungpook National University, Starship Entertainment, and IVE members who are suffering from communication problems between our agencies and local agencies.

We will continue to work hard to prevent this communication problem from happening again, and we will become an agency that is more careful. Thank you for reading this long statement.

Earlier, it was reported that Starship Entertainment received the request for the appearance of IVE at Kyungpook National University and Keimyung College University fall Festivals on October 6 and that they did have a face-to-face meeting with the agency but they did not confirm the appearance, however, the universities countered the claim saying that they received confirmation.

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