Taecyeon Is The Only 2PM Member To Leave JYP Entertainment, He Joined This Agency Instead

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2PM’s Taecyeon has shocked fans when an agency called 51K officially announced that Taecyeon is now a part of them, thus confirming that the 2PM rapper has officially left JYP Entertainment.

2PM’s Taecyeon is the only member of his group who didn’t renew his contract with his agency, but fear not, this isn’t the end of 2PM.

The agency, 51K explained that they are going to support him in collaboration with JYP fully, here is their translated statement:

“Hello, this is 51K.

Singer and actor Ok Taecyeon has become our new family member. We are very pleased to be working with Taecyeon, who is considered one of Korea’s best artists along with 2PM. He is also an actor with a wide range of talents that he showed through a variety of works.

We will provide full support for Taecyeon so he can continue his activities as a singer with his huge fan base and as an actor so he can show off his various charms and talents.

Since 2PM group activities have been loved by domestic and foreign fans for a long time, we will do our best so that 2PM’s activities will continue with JYP Entertainment.

51K started as a one-man agency but is growing into a comprehensive entertainment agency with sectors in publishing, music, and broadcast content production.

We are very pleased to be able to work with Taecyeon, who is a multi-talented artist and actor as we continue to pursue growth as an agency.

Taecyeon, who is currently serving in the military, is pleased to have a new start through 51K. He is determined to return to the entertainment industry in a more mature form so that he can return his fans’ love.

We ask for your love and interest as Taecyeon begins his new future with 51K.”

51K houses hallyu wave actor So Ji Sub among many other known celebrities as well.

Despite the initial shocking reports, Taecyeon’s career with 2PM is not over.

JYP Entertainment also confirmed that he didn’t leave his group but merely changed agencies; JYP Entertainment is still responsible for 2PM’s promotions.

What do you think of his decision to not renew with JYP Entertainment? Do you think he made the right decision?

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