Super Junior’s Leeteuk Writes An Alarming Post About His Mental State Worrying Fans

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk has shared his true feelings and current emotional state with his fans, and now they’re extremely worried about him.

The leader of Super Junior posted this to his social media account on the 25th of January.

Here is his full message:

“I don’t even know how this day passed by. Its only when I lay down on newly -washed bedding sheets that I feel like the day has passed. My voice is hoarse, and my head and legs feel dull.

My emotions are floating and I feel like I am laying down on clouds.

Every single day, I feel like I am running on a hamster wheel, and sometimes I think to myself, ‘what am I running for?’ the answers are there, but I don’t know what it is. I think the right answer is to go on without knowing.”

Following his alarming post, many national and international fans have sent messages of support for Leeteuk, asking him to rest and to be happy.

We hope that everything is well with Leeteuk!

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