Thai Idol Sitala From H1-KEY Departs The Group, Was It Due To The Controversy Surrounding Her Father’s Alleged Military Dictatorship Support?

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Sitala has left H1-KEY.

On May 25, rookie girl group H1-KEY’s agency announced the news via na official statement. They stated that Sitala has decided to leave the team ‘due to personal reasons.’

The agency assured fans this decision was discussed with the members of the group. They also apologized for causing concern over the situation. They wrapped up their statement by asking for fans’ encouragement towards Sitala’s future and the remaining members of H1-KEY.

Previously, Grand Line Group announced their plans to debut a new girl group called H1-KEY, and they began to unveil each member, one of the members Sitala is Thai particularly caught the attention of netizens.

Soon some netizens began to look into the idol and found out her late father had participated in Thailand’s anti-democracy campaign, and some fans had claimed the idol’s father was an elite who supported Thailand’s rule under military dictatorship.

This stirred a lot of negative responses specifically from Thai fans who demanded the idol to be removed from the group. While initially, the agency remained silent, on December 8, they came out with a response and the idol went on to debut with the group in January of 2022.

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