SHINee’s Jonghyun Honored With An Award For His Last Album

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SHINee’s Jonghyun last work before his devastating death is receiving the love and recognition it deserves.

On January 6, the 33rd Golden Disc Awards day 2 was held and it celebrated the physical album releases of 2018.

While Jonghyun passed away a year ago in late December, his posthumous album “Poet | Artist” was released back in January 2018.

The album received love from all other the world and it was the last chance for fans to listen to new music from an artist they dearly loved.

The 33rd Golden Disc Awards honored Jonghyun with a Bongsang award for his work on the album. In his stead, fellow members Minho and Taemin accepted the award and took to the stage to thank fans in short speeches.

Minho said,

“First of all, we’d to say we’re thankful for presenting this award for Jonghyun-hyung. On the behalf of Jonghyun, we’d like to thank our fans SHINee world for continuously supporting us without conditions.”

Taemin also said,

“Please remember our Jonghyun, who always loved music and the stage more than anyone. We hope that you continue to remember and watch Jonghyun performances in the future as well.”

Fans from all over the world congratulated Jonghyun on the award he received, some expressed they will always listen to his songs and remember him. You can check out Taemin and Minho speeches here.

We miss you Jonghyun!

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  1. Congrats jonghyun oppah,despite ur absence we can still feel ur presence.i know u were there during the award to receive that and we’re very happy that ur work acknowledge by a lot of people,it’s just sad that if u would’ve been there we’re more happy.i know u were also happy from where you are now, happier than before but for us fans we still miss u and support you until the very end.thanks for the good work,for the music and everything.i really miss ur voice so much.i will never forget you.and keep ur music like u are here with us Shawols.thank u for sharing ur talent.saranghaeyo oppah.

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