Seungri Released From Prison Today + Public Voice Frustration Over The Short Prison Term

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Seungri, a former member of BIGBANG, was released from prison today. He returned after paying for his crimes, but the public slammed the sentence stating it was too short.

On February 9, the Ministry of Justice announced, “Seungri was released from Yeoju Prison this morning .” Regarding the timing of release from prison, Yeoju Prison declined to say anything stating, “It is difficult to say because it is an individual’s private life.

Originally, Seungri was expected to be released from prison at dawn on February 11, so many reporters were expected to gather at the scene, but he quietly came out after finishing his imprisonment two days earlier.

Seungri was pointed out as a key figure in the “Burning Sun” case that made headlines in 2019. Later on trial, Seungri was convicted by the Supreme Court in May last year on all nine charges, including habitual gambling, prostitution mediation, and prostitution, and was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

After being discharged from the military, he completed his prison term at Yeoju Prison and came to the world after three years.

The public’s response to the news of Seungri’s release from prison is also icy. Critics say the prison term is too short compared to the nine charges.

Attention is also high on whether Seungri, who came out to the world, will return to the entertainment industry. After Seungri’s withdrawal from BIGBANG, the industry believes that even if BIGBANG resumes team activities again, there will be no place for Seungri.

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