BREAKING: Rowoon To Leave SF9 And Focus On Acting + Shares Heartfelt Letter To Fans

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Rowoon, a member of the popular idol group ‘SF9‘, has decided to leave the group and focus on acting.

On the 18th of September, their agency FNC Entertainment announced this news through their official fan cafe.

The agency stated, “SF9’s first contract ended on September 18th,” and “they plan to continue their leap forward with the remaining 8 members, excluding Rowoon. Rowoon plans to focus on personal activities, including acting.”

Read their statement:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment. We would like to provide an update on SF9’s activities.
SF9, who debuted in 2016 and has been active as our artist for 7 years, had their first contract end on September 18th.
Already, all the members except Rowoon have renewed their contracts with our agency, and SF9, consisting of 8 members, plans to take another leap forward.
Rowoon will focus on individual activities, including acting.
Although their directions may differ, Rowoon, who will always remain as SF9’s 9th member, and the remaining eight members will support each other and do their best on their respective paths to show their fans a good image.
We ask for your continued interest and support for SF9 and Rowoon.
Thank you.

Rowoon also posted a handwritten letter on the fan cafe, revealing his thoughts. He said,

Hello, it’s Rowoon. I had a lot of thoughts about what word to start with.
To be honest, it’s a bit scary to write again after a long time. I’ve been challenging myself and being stricter with myself as I engage in activities and try new things, and I think I’ve become a little more accustomed to it.
There were times when I couldn’t solve big and small misunderstandings one by one, and there were days when I focused on what I had to do right away, thinking that someday my sincerity would be conveyed.
I understand that there can be hate as much as attention and support, but I think I may be a little sensitive.  Sometimes, when misunderstandings arise, there is a need for courage to stand up and say it’s not true, but in the past, I always hid. If there are fans who have been hurt and felt upset by my careless attitude, I am truly sorry.
If you felt unfamiliar with me in a different way, it’s probably because I hid myself. I sincerely apologize for that.
I have been grateful for every precious memory and activity over the past 7 years.
As I look back on my life and write this, I am filled with gratitude. This is also thanks to all of you. I will be 27 this year and I want to try new challenges.
I was really unsure of how to talk and where to start, but I want to gather the courage to convey that I want to take on new challenges.
Please watch over Kim Seok Woo, who will be 27, so that he can live a life he can take responsibility for. I will be the same person you remember.
I sincerely thank all of you. I would be grateful if you could watch over me with a loving gaze.

Rowoon debuted as an idol with SF9 in 2016. Since 2017, he has expanded his career as an actor, appearing in various dramas.

SF9 will continue their activities in the music industry without Rowoon. Many people express their regret about the absence of the popular member but also show their support for Rowoon’s dreams.

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