Rookie Boy Group 8TURN Member Myungho Accused Of Bullying+ Agency Denies And Vows Strict Legal Action

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On the 8th day of his debut, Myungho, a member of the rookie boy group 8TURN, was accused of verbal abuse. However, the agency refuted back saying that it was malicious slander.

On February 7, 8TURN’s agency MNH Entertainment said on its official fan café that the posts circulating online claiming that 8TURN member Myungho was involved in acts of verbal abuse in school are false and pledged to take strict legal actions against these malicious posts.

Check out the full statement of MNH Entertainment below:

“False facts, including malicious slander, have recently been circulating online. As the company has confirmed and cross-verified the facts in various ways, it is clear that what is currently posted online is false. This is damaging the reputation of Myungho.

We are taking legal action by requesting a legal representative to protect Myungho against posts including false information, defamation, or slander. Even after this time, we will hold strict legal responsibility against all articles posted online without any clear fact-checking procedures.

We will strongly respond to malicious posts and comments which are beyond malicious interpretation and encouraging actions or simple expressions of opinions with lenient punishment.”

Earlier, an article by a netizen A, who claimed to have been abused by Myungho in the past, circulated online, causing a stir. A, who identified themselves as a high school alumnus of Myungho, made a shocking statement, saying, “I was verbally abused by Myungho when I was in school. It’s been seven years since I am still getting treatment from a psychiatrist due to panic without even receiving an apology from him.” A also expressed their intention to respond if the agency sued them.

Meanwhile, 8TURN made a surprise debut on January 30 by releasing their first album “8TURNRISE.” They are currently working with the title track “Tiktak.”

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